“I am so glad my family (of soon to be three children) decided on Stonebriar Pediatrics for our pediatric needs.  I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Thai and his staff.  They are always pleasant, attentive, and most of all caring about our children’s needs.  Dr. Thai thoroughly explains any diagnosis and he always takes the time to answer any questions I have.  Stonebriar Pediatrics is such a wonderful practice, and I consider my family very fortunate to have found a physician who is so knowledgeable and caring as Dr. Thai.”

– Kay Fernandes

“Dr. Thai is an excellent listener and stays in the room until all of my questions are answered, which I really appreciate.  There are times when the wait is longer than I wish, but I can appreciate the fact that he is not rushed to get to the next room, and takes the time to carefully alleviate all of my concerns, and work with me to help my children heal and stay well.  If it was my choice, I would have Dr. Thai start a family practice, so that my children would never outgrow his care, and so that all of his staff can come with him.  I highly recommend Stonebriar Pediatrics to anyone looking for caring physicians; excellent, knowledgeable staff and an incredible level of care.”

– Roxanne Merrill

“My 9 year old son, Jacob,  has been a patient of Dr. Thai’s since he was born.  He has had many health issues over the years, most which were “Outside the box” and Dr. Thai has always been extremely proactive to get to the root of his health issues.  Dr. Thai calls my son a “unicorn” because he doesn’t get the random illnesses going around….he comes up with the rare things nobody else gets, but Dr. Thai will keep researching until he finds out what it is.”

“The biggest thing I have always said, and he is too humble to accept, is that I will always credit Dr. Thai for saving Jacob’s life.  He heard a heart murmur when he was born.  Most pediatricians say “It is probably innocent so we will keep an eye on it” and they send them home.  Dr. Thai, taking his proactive route said ‘It is probably innocent, but I’m going to have a pediatric cardiologist come take a look before Jacob leaves the hospital”.  Jacob had his first of 2 heart surgeries 11 days later.  Had he gone home, we could have lost him.  His heart surgeon may have done the surgery, but Dr. Thai saved his life.  It turns out Jacob has several congenital heart defects and a connective tissue disorder.  Dr. Thai has worked very closely with the specialists to make sure Jacob has always received the best care and I can’t imagine trusting his health to anyone else.”

“I also want to comment on how the office at Stonebriar Pediatrics is run.  Everyone there calls the child by their name and is so loving and caring.  It feels like each patient is their only one.  We can always get an appointment when needed, and they call back quickly when a health issue comes up.  The office manager, Stacey, keeps everything running so smoothly.  Thank you, Dr. Thai and staff, for taking such good care of Jacob over the years and always making us feel like family.” 

– Cindy Shaw